Dynamic Digital Enterprise model

The future of Enterprise is Digital and Dynamic!

D.D.E. is a Customer Centric model, composed of three concentric layers, built around the End-client!

First layer is based on full automation of repetitive activities with human supervision coming from the second layer. It is the layer in direct contact with the end client! Here we include activities from sales, on-boarding, client relationship management, support, customer service, legal, online and offline tools/facilities.

Second layer is the layer of 'business as usual' decision making, covering operational aspects and integrative activities of the enterprise, like solving exceptional situations or integrating continuous user feedback into the automated repetitive activities.

Third layer is the layer of systemic enterprise activities and the work is entirely done by people, using the digital tools (instead of becoming their 'slaves'!!!). This layer includes strategic decision making, design of operations, conceptual activities and similar.

The following PRINCIPLES are applied simultaneously:

A significant difference between existing organizational models and D.D.E. model is around roles and responsibilities of those involved! D.D.E. is built around the end client in a manner which gives full authority to a 'Digital Master': a combination of skills from traditional CEO, CTO, CIO, CSO and other senior roles.
The above is because any automation is solving a precise need of the End-client and the most 'powerful' person in the enterprise has to be in-depth IT savvy. In this way, all decisions are made in full knowledge of the technical and technological constraints. Made in real-time, with minimal financial effort!
[A Digital Master knows very well Hardware, Software, Networks and Programming!!!]